Let em Ride Poker Rules

Let It Ride Poker

Description and Objective

Let ‘Em Ride is a variation of poker, except that the Player plays against the house and does not compete against the Dealer or other Players. Let ’Em Ride is dealt from a single deck of 52 cards. The Player is dealt three cards face up and two cards are dealt face down in front of the dealer – these are community cards that are used to complete the player’s hand. The objective of the game is to get any winning poker hand consisting of a pair of 10’s or higher, using all five cards.

After placing the Ante bet, the Player decides whether or not he wants to Raise the original bet (by the same amount as the original bet), or Continue without a Raise to the next round of play. Once the Player decides to Raise or Continue, the Dealer’s first card will be shown. Now the Player has another opportunity to Raise or Continue. If he decides to Raise, the bet will again increase by the original bet amount. After the Player Raises or Continues, the Dealer’s last card is shown.

After the Dealer’s last card is shown, the Player’s hand is evaluated as a normal poker hand, combining the Player’s three cards and the Dealer’s two cards.

Player can win if:

The Player receives a pair of 10’s or higher using all five cards shown.

Player loses if:

The Player does not receive at least a pair of 10’s

Pay Table:

Hand Rank Standard Payout Description
Royal Flush 1000:1 A, K, Q, J, 10 of same suit
Straight Flush 200:1 5 cards of same suit in sequence
Four of a Kind 50:1 4 cards of same rank
Full House 11:1 3 of a kind, plus a pair
Flush 8:1 5 cards of same suit
Straight 5:1 5 cards in sequence, mixed suits
Three of a Kind 3:1 3 cards of same rank
Two Pair 2:1 2 pairs of different rank
Pair of 10’s or Better 1:1 2 cards of same rank, 10 or higher

Player Actions/Button Descriptions

Bet – To place a bet, the Player must click on the chip value that they wish to bet.

Deal – Press Deal to begin the game once a bet has been placed. The Player receives 3 cards face up and the Dealer receives 2 cards face down.

Continue – Click Continue to show the dealers next card without increasing the bet amount.

Raise – Click Raise to increase your bet equal to the original bet amount and reveal the Dealer’s next card.

Progressive Jackpot

The Player may participate by placing a side bet of $1 – if the Player does NOT bet $1 in the Progressive slot – no payouts other than from the standard Pay Table will be made. If the Player receives a hand of a Flush or higher (including the Dealer’s two cards) then a Payout is made from the table below. If a Royal Flush is made – the scrolling Jackpot seen at the top of the game is awarded. If a Straight Flush is made, 10% of the Jackpot is paid out.

Hand Rank Payout
Royal Flush 100%
Straight Flush 10%
Four of a Kind $500
Full House $100
Flush $75
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